What Will the Biden ‘Bribery’ Form Tell Us?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Last month, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) recently sought a document, form FD-1023, from the FBI containing uncorroborated allegations from information that allegedly establishes a link between President Biden and a $5 million bribery plot that supposedly took place during his tenure as vice president.

Congress only found out about the document after a whistleblower revealed that there were allegations made against Biden that never went investigated.

The House Oversight Committee naturally wanted to investigate the claims, but the FBI, being the FBI, clearly didn’t want them to because when Comer subpoenaed the document, the subpoena was ignored multiple times. Finally, Comer announced his intention to file contempt charges against FBI Director Christopher Wray if the FBI continued to obstruct the investigation.

“As previously stated, the whistleblower disclosures indicated that the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) are in possession of an FD-1023 form describing an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions,” Comer wrote to FBI Director Wray. “The FBI’s refusal to produce this single document is obstructionist. Nevertheless, to narrow the breadth of the subpoena, we are providing additional terms based on unclassified and legally protected whistleblower disclosures that may be referenced in the FD-1023 form: ‘June 30, 2020’ and ‘five million.”

To make a long story short, Wray eventually caved, and the infamous FD-1023 document will be turned over to Comer on Monday.

“Chairman Comer will receive a briefing from the FBI and review the document on Monday,” The Oversight Committee told Just the News in a statement. “Chairman Comer has been clear that anything short of producing the FD-1023 form to the House Oversight Committee is not compliance with his subpoena. This unclassified record contains pages of details that need to be investigated further by the House Oversight Committee.”

The FBI played off its obstruction as an attempt to protect the confidentiality and safety of its sources.

“Director Wray offered to provide the Committee’s Chairman and Ranking Member an opportunity to review information responsive to the subpoena in a secure manner to accommodate the committee, while protecting the confidentiality and safety of sources and important investigative sensitivities,” the bureau told Just The News in a statement. “The FBI has continually demonstrated its commitment to working with the Committee to accommodate its request, from scheduling briefings and calls to now allowing the Chair to review information in person. The FBI remains committed to cooperating with the Committee in good faith.”

The FBI additionally warned that FD-1023 forms are utilized by their agents to document uncorroborated reports received from confidential human sources and are not necessarily authenticated or verified. While that may be the case, the real issue here is why the bureau never investigated these claims. Let’s not forget that the Durham report showed that the same FBI that investigated Donald Trump without any evidence to justify doing so, also ignored multiple allegations against Hillary Clinton.

The Oversight Committee already has detailed financial records revealing an intricate web of companies that the Biden family and their associates established while Joe Biden served as vice president and unveiled their findings last month. These records expose substantial amounts of money received from foreign entities and demonstrate the Bidens’ utilization of intricate transactions to hide payments from foreign nationals. The financial records present compelling evidence of influence peddling schemes that occurred during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president. The FD-1023 may provide a new piece to the puzzle of Biden’s web of corruption.


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