Suspicion Surrounds White House U-Haul Attack

(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergal, File)

On Monday night, a U-Haul truck crashed near the White House, hitting the security barriers on the north side of Lafayette Square. According to a report from the Washington Post, the driver, whose identity the police did not initially disclose, faces charges of making threats to kill, kidnap, or harm the president, vice president, or a family member. Additionally, he is charged with assault using a dangerous weapon and trespassing.


“Police declined to provide further details early Tuesday about the nature of the alleged threat to the president, vice president or their families,” the Post reported.

Officials opened an investigation after the box truck hit security barriers on the north side of Lafayette Square, the Secret Service said. “There were no injuries to any Secret Service or White House personnel,” agency spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said earlier Tuesday. He said a preliminary investigation indicated that the driver “may have intentionally struck” the barriers.

After a thorough examination by bomb technicians, no explosive devices were discovered inside the truck. However, video footage reveals law enforcement officers handling various items of evidence, such as a Nazi flag, a black backpack, and duct tape. Interestingly, the flag was subsequently placed on the ground — a curious detail that has sparked a lot of questions on social media, including accusations that the incident was staged.

“I can’t help but notice how meticulously the first responders laid out that strangely crisp, new Nazi flag for the press cameras,” Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire observed.


The incident comes in the wake of backlash against Joe Biden for falsely claiming during his Howard University commencement address that “white supremacy” is “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland.”

Some on Twitter have not been too subtle in suggesting that the Nazi flag was a prop to give credence to Biden’s narrative. Additionally, the U.S. Park Police identified the driver of the U-Haul as Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, from Chesterfield, Mo.

I may be going out on a limb here, but he hardly seems the type to own a Nazi flag and generally doesn’t fit the description of a “white supremacist.” Okay, sure, anyone who doesn’t support left-wing policies is branded a white supremacist these days, but given the details we know already, the suspicion surrounding this incident seems justified, don’t you think?


True to form, the mainstream media was quick to report on the flag. It was, in fact, the key detail that Newsweek highlighted. “Nazi Flag Inside U-Haul Truck That Crashed by White House, Video Shows,” the publication’s headline read. The story has yet to be updated with the identity of the driver, and many on social media appear to be already convinced that Kandula is a white supremacist.


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