'You Just Lied': Elon Musk Destroys BBC Reporter, and It's Epic

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Since Elon Musk took over Twitter with the goal of making it a platform conducive to free speech, the radical left has claimed that doing so resulted in an increase in “hateful content.” On Tuesday, BBC reporter James Clayton spoke of these claims in a Twitter Spaces interview with Musk, and it didn’t end well for him.


Clayton claimed that he had personally seen a rise in hateful content, and Musk asked him how he defines hateful content.

“Yeah. I mean, you know, just content that will solicit a reaction, something that may include something that is slightly racist or slightly sexist, those kinds of things —”

“So you think if something is slightly sexist, it should be banned?” Musk asked, to which Clayton claimed he wasn’t saying anything at all. So, Musk pressed on and asked for some specific examples, at which point Clayton completely choked.

“You’ve asked me whether my feed, whether it’s got less or more, I’d say it’s got slightly more,” Clayton claimed.

“That’s why I’m asking for examples. Can you name one example?” Musk asked.

“I honestly don’t — honestly,” Clayton said, stumbling.

“You can’t name a single example?” Musk asked, somewhat surprised.

Clayton then claimed that he had not used his feed for the last three or four weeks but had been using Twitter in the months after Musk took over the platform. So Musk naturally wanted an example from that time frame, and Clayton couldn’t provide one.

“So then, you must have at some point seen that hateful content. I’m asking you for one example,” Musk said.


“And you can’t give a single one… Then I say, sir, that you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Clayton questioned, “Really?”

Musk answered, “Yes. Because you can’t give a single example of hateful content. Not even one tweet. And yet, you claimed the hateful content was high. That’s a false —”


“No,” Clayton interrupted.

“You just lied.”

Clayton, who had just claimed to have personally seen a rise in hateful content, then tried to deflect by saying that there are “many organizations that say that that kind of information is on the rise.”

And, of course, he couldn’t cite any examples.

Liberals have been bellyaching about Twitter becoming a free speech platform ever since Musk took over. Despite all the allegations of an increase in “hateful content,” the real issue leftists have is that conservatives are now freer to speak their views without fear of being censored. The left often labels any content it disagrees with as hateful, which is why it struggles to provide specific examples — these people don’t want to admit that they simply dislike alternative viewpoints.


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