Kari Lake Scores a Huge Victory in Her Election Challenge Lawsuit

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Despite various efforts to stop it, Kari Lake’s election challenge lawsuit is moving forward, and her legal team has scored a major victory.

A judge in the Maricopa County Superior Court has granted Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s request to inspect ballots as she prepares to take her case challenging the results of the gubernatorial election to trial.


The ruling, issued on Thursday by Judge Peter Thompson, would allow for inspecting random ballots throughout the county before the trial date.

“Thompson granted three of Lake’s four demands, allowing the inspection of 50 random ‘ballot-on-demand’ printed ballots, 50 random early ballots, and 50 random BOD ballots marked spoiled. The judge denied her bid to inspect 50 random early ballot envelopes,” reports Just The News. “All parties involved were granted until 12:00 p.m. on ‘Friday, December 15, 2022’ to submit their choice of ballot inspector to the court. Court documents appear to have erroneously stated the date, as Friday is the 16th of December.”

Maricopa County officials and Lake’s opponent, Katie Hobbs, the current Secretary of State of Arizona, who certified her own election victory, have sought to get Lake’s lawsuit dismissed.

Lake celebrated the ruling on Twitter. “Our lawsuit isn’t based on conspiracy or wild speculation. We have laid out a very clear theory about statutory violations and a broken chain of custody. These ballots deserve close scrutiny and we’re delighted we have been granted it.”


Lake’s lawsuit is driven by whistleblowers who have come forward with complaints about how the 2022 elections were conducted.

“We’ve had three whistleblowers from Maricopa County reach out and say the system is seriously flawed,” Lake told Just the News on Monday. “They were throwing out tens of thousands of signatures saying they were scribbles that in no way matched. But somewhere between there, the ballots were being completely tossed out and they got looped back into the system and counted as if they were fine.”

Lake also noted that 25,000 “additional ballots and early voting ballots were discovered two days after Election Day.”

They “just showed up,” she observed. “It shows the whole system has serious problems.”



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