Rush Limbaugh Warned Us About the Left's Assault on Elections

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There’s a good chance that by Tuesday, a week from the midterm elections, we won’t know the final votes that will determine the balance of power in the House. It’s a pathetic commentary on the incompetence and corruption of those in charge of the process. And it’s all by design. The great Rush Limbaugh predicted this would happen.

It seems inevitable that, no matter what the result, one side will be so unhappy that there will be accusations of malfeasance. Heck, in Arizona alone, the final statewide election we’re waiting on is the governor’s race, where the current secretary of state, Katie Hobbs, is one of the candidates. How good a job did she do to ensure the integrity of the vote? Not very, it seems.

In August of 2018, Rush saw the coming assault on our elections.

“The left is doing everything it can to destroy the perceived integrity, the honesty, the trustworthiness of our electoral system,” he observed. Noting that the “modern era” of this effort came after the Florida 2000 recount, which required the Supreme Court to step in and stop the Democrats from stealing that election. Democrats, stung by that defeat, repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of George W. Bush — just as they did in 2016 with Trump with their bogus allegations of Russian collusion. Never mind that this has all been disproven — but there are plenty on the left who still believe it.

“The media and the Democrat Party has convinced an increasing number of Americans that the elections in 2016 and the elections of this year and ongoing in the future are now corrupt,” Rush pointed out.

But, what is their endgame? Rush saw that coming, too. “As I say, that’s building the foundation for getting rid of [elections].”

Of course, Democrats will win some elections too, but they’ll also lose some, Rush noted. It’s losing elections that they can’t tolerate. We’ve observed this phenomenon this year when, back in January, Joe Biden refused to say whether he believed the midterms would be legitimate. The caveat was in the fine print: if Democrats win, it’s legitimate, if Republicans win, it’s not.

“The poisoning of minds on the integrity of our electoral system, it has a purpose. It’s not just because the Democrats lost in 2016, not just because Hillary lost. This is being done to force everybody to question every election result,” Rush explained.

Remember Stacey Abrams crying about voter suppression for weeks before she lost handily to Gov. Brian Kemp? Do you think she would have conceded if the election was as close as it was in 2018? Kemp managed to win so decisively that Abrams had no choice but to accept the results. Even in blowout victories, like DeSantis’s nearly 20-point margin of victory in Florida, there’s an excuse ready. MSNBC blamed gerrymandering. For the left, there will always be an excuse for its failure to win — no matter how stupid.

Nationwide, we had enough consequential elections that were effectively toss-ups, and while Florida has managed to count more than seven million votes in a matter of hours, Arizona is struggling to count about a third as many votes. Kari Lake believes that she will emerge victorious, and it seems inevitable that if she does, Democrats will cry foul because Hobbs has led the vote since Tuesday — because early votes that were counted first favored Democrats. Depending on how close the final result is, you will probably expect some legal challenges. And Rush saw this coming, too.

“Once that happens, once you have succeeded in making most people question every election result, well, then you’re free to investigate what happened in the election. You can turn your activists loose and you can find any number of things that went wrong and say, ‘You know what? We really did win.'”

That’s when the found votes come in. “Whenever an election is close somehow the Democrats always find a big bag of votes somewhere. It happened with the Al Franken […] election when he was running for the Senate in Minnesota,” Rush recalled. “They find ’em in the trunk of a car. They find ’em underneath a church pew. Can somebody cite a case where a Republican has ever come from behind to win a close race after finding a bunch of uncounted votes? I can’t. “

Neither can I.



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