What Can You Do to Counter the Wave of Woke Books in Our Schools?

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Even though it’s the summer, we must remain vigilant in the fight against schools indoctrinating kids with critical race theory and radical gender theory. As we’ve previously reported, celebrated children’s book publisher Scholastic Press is the only children’s book publisher that works with the schools, giving them enormous influence over our kids. But unfortunately, instead of ensuring our kids only have access to wholesome, high-quality books, Scholastic publishes the kind of woke garbage you don’t want schools teaching, like anti-Americanism, LGBTQ propaganda, graphic sex, and critical race theory.


“We see this growing trend of all these ‘woke’ books and things that are definitely not leading [our children] in the right direction,” Julie Golsteyn recently explained to Fox News’s Pete Hegseth. Golsteyn is the wife of former Green Beret Officer and U.S. war hero Matt Golsteyn, who was pardoned in 2019 by President Trump for killing a Taliban bombmaker. She has released a children’s book called It IS Up To You, which teaches young readers the importance of being truthful and brave. The book is inspired by the upheaval her family experienced when her husband was falsely accused of war crimes.

“It celebrates a comprehensive collection of character traits that parents seek to instill in their children: being truthful, brave, courageous, patient, self-confident and compassionate.”

The existence of wholesome books with positive messages and none of the woke garbage is encouraging, but the woke gatekeepers will stop at nothing to shut them down. As we’ve previously reported, some non-woke book publishers have faced enormous resistance trying to break into the market and topple the monopoly of woke books. Two publishers, Good & True Media and Heroes of Liberty, both found themselves suspended from advertising on Facebook.


In May, Good & True Media, a Christian company dedicated to making wholesome children’s literature, discovered that it was suspended from Facebook’s advertising platform two days after posting an ad containing a Bible verse. However, it wasn’t until after our report that Facebook backtracked and restored Good & True Media’s advertising account.

Facebook previously “permanently disabled” Heroes of Liberty from advertising on its platform, claiming that the conservative children’s book publisher violated Facebook’s rules against “Low Quality or Disruptive Content.”

“This ad account, its ads and some of its advertising assets are disabled because it didn’t comply with our policy on Low Quality or Disruptive Content,” Facebook explained. Heroes of Liberty appealed the decision, but Facebook responded by permanently disabling its advertising account. Facebook later reinstated its advertising account after outrage.

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