Despite Record Gas Prices, Biden Rejects New Drilling in Atlantic and Pacific

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden has proven once again that he has no interest in reducing the record-high costs of gasoline, which have gone up throughout his time in office.

Biden not only wants to block all new oil drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but he’s also taking steps to shut down exploration of oil and gas on federal lands.


“A plan released Friday shows the White House proposed no more than 10 potential lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico, an option for one potential lease sale in the northern portion of the Cook Inlet of Alaska, and no lease sales for the Atlantic or Pacific planning areas over the 2023-2028 period,” reports Breitbart. This plan is not finalized, however, but any potential areas of exploration or sale not mentioned in the proposal will reportedly be off-limits from 2023-2028.

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Biden has repeatedly insisted he is not to blame for skyrocketing gas prices. He’s tapped the Strategic Petroleum Reserve twice in an effort to bring prices down—which failed both times.

Don’t expect gas prices to go down anytime soon.



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