You Won’t Believe What Woke Left-Wing Kooks Think Is ‘Racist’ Now

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Okay, you probably will. Everything is pretty much racist these days, according to the woke left. Yet, as accustomed as we’ve become to hearing what the latest thing is that’s suddenly racist, it’s still a shock when left-wing experts risk their reputations to declare yet another innocuous notion to be rooted in bigotry. The latest example doesn’t disappoint.


According to a brief titled “Addressing weight stigma and fatphobia in public health,” which was published by the University of Illinois Chicago’s School of Public Health, the word “obesity” is racist, and the focus on body size is rooted in racism for some reason.

How is this so, you ask? Because according to the brief, a majority of societies once actually favored larger bodies. “Around 81 percent of societies historically have favored people in larger bodies,” the brief written by Amanda Montgomery, RD, LDN says. “Larger bodies signified wealth and prosperity while thinness signified poverty and weakness. However, this began to change due to racism and eugenics.”

Really? That’s why? It had nothing to do with advances in science linking obesity to health problems? Really? Can you smell the stupid?

“The public health field has not taken a critical look at this research, focusing on the narrative that weight is controllable and a personal responsibility,” the brief continues. “If the goal is to find the most ethical and effective strategies to achieve optimal public health, there needs to be an alternative to ‘obesity’ and weight-focused approaches and a shift in understanding of weight stigma as a social justice issue.”

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The brief even makes the bizarre claim that “higher weight is not causal to worse health outcomes.”

Yeah, okay. Sure. All that research linking obesity to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease must be completely bogus because some woke nutjob wants to virtue-signal their anti-racism.

Montgomery concedes nutrition and exercise are important but says that racism within the food environment is also a cause of obesity among minorities.

“As presented by Soul Fire Farm, the U.S. food system is built on stolen land using stolen labor from Black and Latinx indigenous people,” the brief reads. ‘Not only has this created a large scale food apartheid and trauma for people indigenous to this land, it has caused a disconnection of indigenous people from their cultural practices and identities.”

So, please, everyone — skip that trip to the gym and eat a whole box of doughnuts in one sitting. Because otherwise, you’re just a racist.


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