Ouch: Obama Snubbed Biden at the White House, and It’s the Saddest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

It was fun to laugh at Joe Biden on Tuesday when he found himself wandering like a lost idiot at the White House while everyone was more excited to get a word in with Barack Obama. But that wasn’t the whole story.


After Biden got his bearings and rejoined the party, he tried to shuffle his way towards the star of the room—the real star—Barack Obama… and it did not go well.

Seriously, have you ever seen anything sadder? Joe Biden thinks that because he’s the president (or at least pretending to be), he’s the coolest guy in the room, but no one cared about him. Instead, they were all basking in the glow of Obama, who so clearly was in love with himself and all the attention he was getting.

One can only imagine what Biden was thinking, but it probably was something like: “Why does nobody like me?” The one clear thing from this video is that Biden could have left the event and no one would have noticed. So this is the same man we’re supposed to believe got 81 million votes in 2020? Please.


And Obama clearly doesn’t respect Joe. He quite literally made Biden the butt of a joke at the event, calling him “vice president.” Sure, he said it was a joke, but there was a little truth behind it. To Obama, Biden is nothing more than a useful idiot. Biden likes to make it out like they’re best friends, but Obama was clearly snubbing Biden like he was crop-dusting the room and trying to make an escape.

I feel bad for Biden. On second thought … no. I don’t feel bad at all.


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