Does the Omicron Variant of COVID Care if You’re Vaccinated?

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President Biden counted on the vaccines he inherited to make him the hero in the fight against COVID. However, things haven’t worked out as he hoped, and cases are surging to levels far higher than at any point in this pandemic. But through it all, the Biden administration has pushed vaccinations, even for kids, who are largely unaffected by COVID. Unfortunately, his efforts to get people vaccinated have run into a few snags. Remember the pause of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that caused a wave of vaccine hesitancy?

However, now that the omicron variant is causing a record spike in new cases because of its high level of transmissibility, the push for getting vaccinated is stronger than ever.

But will it solve the surge in cases?

The data suggests otherwise. A study found that 96% of all omicron cases were among the vaccinated in Germany.

This is not a phenomenon limited to Germany, either. In Ontario, Canada, cases of omicron among the vaccinated are outpacing cases among the unvaccinated by 28%.

The same trend is occurring in Denmark and the U.K. as well. The Blaze reports that “As of Dec. 31, just 8.5% of all cases in Denmark were unvaccinated, according to the Statens Serum Institut. Overall, 77.9% of Denmark is fully vaccinated, and omicron seems to hit younger people for whom there is a greater unvaccinated pool, which indicates clear negative efficacy. Even for non-Omicron variants, the un-injected composed only 23.7% of the cases.”

In the U.K., only 25% of omicron hospitalizations are among the unvaccinated. “Not only are the vaccinated more likely to contract Omicron, but they are likely more at risk to be hospitalized,” notes The Blaze. “While American hospitals put out unverifiable information about ‘nearly everyone seriously ill with COVID being unvaccinated,’ the U.K. continues to put out quality continuous data that shows the opposite.”

Data also suggests that vaccinated people are more likely to get re-infected with COVID. As PJM’s Paula Bolyard noted last year, “there’s lots and lots and lots of science showing that [natural immunity is] superior to double-vaxxing.” Unfortunately, the Biden administration pretends that natural immunity isn’t a thing.

This is not to say that getting vaccinated is a bad idea. Evidence suggests that omicron cases of COVID are far milder than previous variants. “A consortium of researchers from America and Japan released a study last month revealing omicron causes less damaging effects on the lungs, nose and throat,” The Hill reported Saturday. “The news follows data from South Africa, where omicron first emerged, showing the country had fewer hospitalizations and fewer deaths after a surge in confirmed coronavirus cases.”

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In November, I wrote that I’m counting on natural immunity going forward. I was vaccinated back in April but haven’t been boostered, and I don’t plan to be. If omicron is milder than past variants, I’ll take my chances with it. I’ve probably had asymptomatic COVID before anyway, given how many exposure situations I’ve been in without getting sick.

If omicron doesn’t seem to care whether you’re vaccinated or not, and it’s far milder than past variants, why get vaccinated at this point? Or if you have been vaccinated, why get a booster? Even Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director, said that “we will not boost our way out of this pandemic.”


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