Joe Biden Just Absolved Himself of Responsibility for Ending COVID Like He Promised

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As the omicron variant of COVID-19 spreads rapidly throughout the country, Joe Biden met with several of our nation’s governors, saying they need to take the lead in ending the pandemic.


“There is no federal solution [to COVID],” Biden said before the meeting. “This gets solved at a state level.”

Umm, what?

I’m sorry, did I miss something? Joe Biden literally campaigned for an entire year, not only blaming Trump for COVID but also for the deaths caused by it.

“It is what it is because you are who you are,” Biden told Trump during their first debate regarding the COVID death toll.

“A lot of people died and a lot more are going to die unless he gets a lot smarter, a lot quicker,” he insisted.

“We’re eight months into this pandemic,” Biden said weeks before the presidential election, “and Donald Trump still doesn’t have a plan to get this virus under control, I do.”

Biden also promised multiple times that he would “shut down” the virus. “I’m not going to shut down the country. I’m not going to shut down the economy. I’m going to shut down the virus.”

Biden spent a year claiming he was the silver bullet who would end the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that cases are surging (again) Biden is now shifting responsibility for getting the pandemic under control to our nation’s governors. This change in rhetoric effectively absolves himself of any responsibility for the state of the pandemic—a very convenient position after blaming Trump for the trajectory the pandemic took on his watch.


Does Joe Biden really believe we’ll forget that he promised things would get better on his watch, yet they haven’t? Biden said he had a plan. Biden said he would “shut down the virus.” So why hasn’t he executed this plan and shut it down already? Instead, he’s now saying, “Hey governors, this is on you now. I’m gonna have an ice cream cone and take a nap.”


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