Is This the Real Reason Chris Cuomo Got Fired?

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When CNN fired its star anchor Chris Cuomo Saturday night, the network revealed in a statement that, during their internal review, “additional information” had “come to light” and that they would continue to investigate “as appropriate” despite Cuomo’s termination.


CNN gave no more details, but anchor Brian Stelter said that Cuomo caused “so many headaches” for the network. Still, he gave no further information as to what he was talking about or if it was related to the “additional information” cited by the network.

But Julia Marsh, the City Hall bureau chief at the New York Post, says sources have told her exactly what CNN was referring to when they mentioned “additional information.”

“Source tell me the ‘additional information’ that’s come to light mentioned at end of CNN statement are sexual harassment allegations,” she tweeted. “There is an alleged Chris Cuomo sexual harassment victim represented by a high profile attorney, according to a source.”

The New York Post has since reported that a former “junior colleaugue” at another network, represented by lawyer Debra Katz, came forward with a sexual misconduct allegation against Cuomo.


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Previously, Chris Cuomo was accused of sexual harassment by former ABC executive producer Shelley Ross, who says he touched her inappropriately at a work party in 2005.

Katz also represented one of Andrew Cuomo’s accusers, Charlotte Bennett. According to Katz, her client “came forward because she was disgusted by Chris Cuomo’s on-air statements in response to the allegations made against his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo.”

It is unclear what impact these allegations had on the network’s decision, though many had expected that the network would not terminate Cuomo only for helping his brother.



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