I'm Relying on Natural Immunity Going Forward

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

I’ve been vaccinated against COVID.

It was April 30, 2021. I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. There were a couple of reasons why I chose the J&J vaccine.

For starters, it was just one dose. Being one-and-done was very appealing to me.

Next, the J&J vaccine was absurdly paused by the Biden administration over a one-in-million risk of severe blood clots. I figured it could use some support.

Lastly, it wasn’t an mRNA vaccine. Call me old school, but I felt more comfortable going with a traditional vaccine.

There are plenty of people who haven’t been vaccinated, citing a variety of reasons. Living in New York State, I anticipated that being vaccinated would be critical to being able to resume something resembling a normal life more quickly.

Last week I got a text from the pharmacy where I was vaccinated telling me I’m now eligible for a booster.

I promptly deleted the text. I’m not getting a booster. I’ve been vaccinated, but sometimes I wish I hadn’t because I hate that Biden is pursuing his vaccine mandate. So, my way of saying “I will not comply” is by not getting a booster shot.

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What’s the point? Does any place that has instituted mask mandates give any exceptions to people who are fully boostered? If getting the booster doesn’t give me the right to go maskless, why bother?

Further, by now, it’s become clear that the existing vaccines don’t give you complete immunity. Breakthrough infections are pretty common. Being vaccinated may help you avoid severe symptoms, but hospitalizations and deaths of fully vaccinated people have happened.

But I’m not worried. I didn’t worry about the delta variant, and I’m not even concerned about the omicron variant. I’m just going to live my life. COVID is going to do what COVID is going to do, and so am I.

I’ve enjoyed some of the “luxuries” of pre-pandemic life without even the slightest concern. I’ve gone out to dinner in restaurants and gone shopping. I’ve even been to many crowded places, such as concerts, a Trump rally, an indoor water park, a theme park, you name it. So, honestly, I’m sure I’ve been exposed to COVID-19 more than once. Sometimes I suspect I had it before the World Health Organization even declared it a pandemic.

I did my part by getting vaccinated once. From now on, I’m going to rely on natural immunity.

As PJM’s Paula Bolyard recently noted, “there’s lots and lots and lots of science showing that [natural immunity is] superior to double-vaxxing.” Nevertheless, the Biden administration would like to pretend that natural immunity isn’t a thing and seems to be actively campaigning against it.

But “the science” says it works. A new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that “Reinfections had 90% lower odds of resulting in hospitalization or death than primary infections.” Reinfections, the study found, were “rare and were generally mild, perhaps because of the primed immune system after primary infection.”

The study was conducted by Qatar-based researchers who reviewed global databases for 353,000 coronavirus patients.

“Accordingly, for a person who has already had a primary infection, the risk of having a severe reinfection is only approximately 1% of the risk of a previously uninfected person having a severe primary infection,” the study found.

I don’t begrudge people who choose to get boostered. But I’m not in a high-risk group, and given the frequent opportunities I’ve had to be exposed to COVID, I’ve probably already had it and been asymptomatic or had very mild symptoms. Even if I haven’t had it yet, if I do get it eventually, statistically speaking, my odds of pulling through are very, very, very, very, very good. So, bring on the natural immunity! Please don’t ask me to get a booster because I will not comply.


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