Boy Scouts of America Embraces Critical Race Theory

(Rick Egan/The Salt Lake Tribune via AP, file)

In 2018, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) ended over 100 years of tradition and announced they would open up the organization to girls and rebrand as the more gender-neutral Scouts BSA.


The organization’s descent into wokeness has continued, and now they’re embracing critical race theory.

This month, the national organization announced a new merit badge called “Citizenship in Society.”

What does this new merit badge mean? “The new merit badge encourages Scouts to explore important topics around diversity, equity, inclusion and ethical leadership and learn why these qualities are important in society and in Scouting,”

The badge will be required for any scout who seeks the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout.

“So, at a surface glance, the merit badge may not appear particularly controversial, despite using the rebranded language of critical race theory,” notes Spencer Lindquist of The Federalist. “One of the requirements simply implores Scouts to “Consider ethical decision making.” Another tells them to discuss “what you can personally do to create a welcoming environment in your Scouting unit.”

“There’s even a notable lack of conversation about race, gender, white privilege, oppression, or any of the critical race theory buzzwords,” he continues. “It might feel refreshing, but don’t take that sigh of relief just yet.”

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Lindquist notes that the official Merit Badge Counselor Guide raises red flags. “While the content that’s openly advertised to children remains rather tame, the content for the adults who’ll be guiding Scouts through the process reveals the radicalism of the ideologies of those who worked to make this a requirement for prospective Eagle Scouts.”


Consider the “Resources” section of the guide, which are optional and require parent permission before being shown to children, but are nevertheless provided with the intention of influencing the counselors.

One such resource is the “All My Relations” podcast, which focuses on the Native American experience and features episodes titled “Decolonizing Sex,” “Celebrate Indigenous Peoples, Not Columbus,” and “Indigiqueer.” Flag folding is so last year. What we really need are Eagle Scouts who understand the Native American LGBT sexual experience!

There’s also Learning for Justice’s “White Anti Racism: Living the Legacy” a transcription of a series of interviews that parrots the critical race theory talking points we’ve become all too familiar with.

Lindquist notes another curiosity. “On top of this, this merit badge is unique in that it doesn’t actually have a merit badge booklet but is just guided by the counselor. Now Scouts will be at the mercy of their individual counselor, a prospect that could either be a saving grace or doom children to nauseating lectures on intersectionality and privilege.”

Wokeness seems intent on destroying everything.



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