Democrats Have Tried to Distance Themselves From ‘Defund the Police,’ but the RNC Has the Receipts

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Defunding the police is a wildly unpopular position that more than half of Democrats support, and Republicans have used its unpopularity against them.

“We are going to ensure every voter knows Democrats want to Defund the Police,” NRCC spokesman Michael McAdams said in a statement earlier this year. “Whether it’s Rashida Tlaib demanding an end to policing and incarceration, or Maxine Waters encouraging rioters to engage in violence, Democrats can’t be trusted to stand with law enforcement and keep Americans safe.”


This strategy has worked out well, so much so that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried (and failed) to flip the script by claiming “Republicans voted to defund the police.”

On Thursday, the Republican National Committee released a seven-minute compilation of Democrats talking about defunding the police—from Nancy Pelosi to AOC, from Bill de Blasio to Ilhan Omar, from locally elected Democrats to governors, all the way to the top, including Kamala Harris and Biden advisors and cabinet members.

Cities nationwide have voted to defund the police with disastrous consequences. Violent crime surges have caused many to backtrack. But make no mistake about it, Democrats own this position. They called for it. They wanted it. They made it happen in various cities. And they will have to answer to the voters for their attacks on the police. The GOP will make sure of that.



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