Here’s What Made Me Angry This Week: Volume 1

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

It’s hard to follow politics and not get angry on a regular basis. It’s quite maddening to see all the progress made over the past four years being destroyed so quickly by Joe Biden… the guy who said he’d be a uniter, not a left-wing zealot.

So, to help get me through these unfortunate times, my plan is to catalog the things that really got me angry over the previous week—because the things that get me angry should get you angry too, and we should use that to motivate ourselves to fix these problems and make this country great again.

So, without further ado…

What’s up with Governor Cuomo?

If Andrew Cuomo was a Republican, he’d have resigned by now. Despite the onslaught of sexual harassment accusations and the nursing home COVID scandal, somehow he’s still in office. It does appear that the impeachment investigation is still going on, however. According to a report from Friday, a hotline was set up as part of the impeachment inquiry and it has received over 100 tips. The report also says the investigation is supposed to take months. The pessimist in me says that the longer this goes on the better things will be for Cuomo. This just feels like a wait-out-the-clock situation and that really sucks. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m starting to think Cuomo will survive this. He’s not going to resign, and the longer it takes to actually impeach him the more likely it is he survives. He may not run for another term, but he still might weather this storm, and that is a travesty.

Everything is racist unless…

How many new things have been deemed “racist” this year? I’m starting to lose count. This month alone we’ve “learned” that trees can be racist, fonts, and even cheese. Has the term “racist” lost all meaning now?

Okay, we all know what’s going on. There’s not enough legitimate racism to complain about, so the left has been regularly expanding the meaning of “racist” just to have some racial injustice to complain about. Heck, Democrats have been saying for years that Voter ID laws are racist even though a majority of African Americans want it!

But, let’s be honest here. Democrats don’t care about racism. They aren’t soldiers fighting against racial injustice. They are just looking out for their political interests, making accusations of racism against anything to bully the opposition into retreat. Think about it. Once Donald Trump decided to run for president, that was their default accusation: “Trump’s racist!” Prior to his entry into politics, particularly his questioning of Barack Obama’s place of birth, he was a rather universally admired as an American success story. Calling him racist was the only card they knew how to play with him because, as the 2016 election showed, his platform was actually popular with Americans.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, who’s made lots of racist comments over the years, got a free pass from the left and the media. I’m sick of it.

Girls’ sports take another hit

There is perhaps no greater example of the impact of bullying culture than with the way the concept of transgender “rights” has swept the nation. It’s bad enough that the left throws around “racist” labels like they’re going out of style, but now bullying people into buying into transgender ideology is what’s really en vogue. Earlier this week, the NCAA upheld its policy allowing men to compete in women’s sports. How many girls will work hard their whole lives only to end up having their dreams crushed because biological men are allowed to compete with them? The left claims to be the party of science but when it comes to the biological differences between males and females, suddenly science goes out the window in favor of “feelings.”

I, for one, won’t be bullied into going along with this transgender nonsense. Biology is fact. Feelings are not. But refusing to be bullied into submission doesn’t really help the countless girls who have been victimized by the transgender movement. Who would have ever thought the concept that boys and girls are different would become a radical idea? And it’s sweeping the nation so fast it’s becoming harder and harder to protect our kids from it, and that’s a problem.

Why does Fauci still have a job?

The decision to “pause” the rollout of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine was one of the dumbest moves I’ve seen by the Biden administration, and there have been a lot of dumb moves.  Out of nearly seven million doses administered, six people experience rare but severe blood clotting. Does anyone in the Biden administration know basic math? Do they realize that people are more likely to die from COVID than experiencing this severe blood clotting?

How many people will experience vaccine hesitancy because of this decision? Just last month Fauci said it was “disturbing” that nearly half of Trump supporters say they won’t get vaccinated, but the Biden administration has done more to cause vaccine hesitancy than Trump ever did. Think about it, Trump’s the reason we even have these vaccines in the first place. Dr. Fauci should be out there saying the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe.

We always knew that the Russian bounties story was bogus

Last summer the New York Times published a “bombshell” story alleging Russia had offered Afghan militants bounties to kill American soldiers. The story was weak, but the mainstream media jumped on it. Joe Biden even campaigned on it.

During his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, Biden claimed, “America will not turn a blind eye to Russian bounties on the heads of American soldiers.”

This week, the Biden administration made the stunning admission that they had “low to moderate” confidence in the story. That this admission was made is hardly shocking. Why? Because we knew the allegations were weak—they were quickly debunked after the story broke, but few people, Joe Biden included, cared.

Catherine Herridge, a senior investigative reporter for CBS News, said last year that an “intelligence official with direct knowledge” of the claims said the intel on alleged Russian bounties only reached “low levels” of the NSC but “did not go further” because it was deemed “uncorroborated” and because of “dissent” within the intelligence community, and a “senior intel official” told her the “GRU/Taliban bounty allegations were not contained in the President’s Daily Brief (PDB).”

The whole story was, as Trump put it, a hoax. We knew this a year ago, but that didn’t stop the media from reporting it like it was fact to damage Trump. How much support did Trump lose because of fake stories like this? We may never know, but in the end, all we know is that the media had an agenda, and it wasn’t for the truth.


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