Does Biden Want Trump to Win in 2024?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

If I were advising Biden on how to make sure that Donald Trump not only runs again in 2024, but actually wins, I’d tell him to do exactly what he has been doing.

While there is certainly some division over whether Trump should run again in 2024, it’s hard not to acknowledge that the biggest issue that has defined Biden’s short time in office has been the border crisis. After inheriting a secure border from President Trump, Biden has somehow managed to turn our border into a disaster.

As a candidate, Joe Biden repeatedly denied putting kids “in cages” during the Obama administration. Yet, since he’s taken office, illegal border crossing have skyrocketed to six times what the Obama administration deemed crisis-level, as immigrants began flooding here after the election, believing Biden would deliver on amnesty.

At the Donna, Texas, migrant facility, cages (rebranded as “pods” by the Biden administration) designed to hold 32 are holding 615 migrant children each. Children are being forced to sleep on floors, go several days without showering, and they’re not being adequately fed. There are also reports of sexual assaults of migrant children in Biden’s facilities.

The crisis is, without a doubt, one of Biden’s making. Illegal border crossings plummeted during the Trump administration—an undeniable result of Trump’s zero-tolerance policy for illegal immigrants. The border wall also proved to be successful in blocking illegal crossings.

A majority of Americans acknowledge that there’s a crisis, but the Biden administration has been reluctant to acknowledge it as such, despite their desperate efforts to mitigate it. Biden DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas denied the existence of a crisis right before begging for volunteers in his department to rush to the southern border to deal with an “overwhelming” surge of illegal immigrants. Since then, Mayorkas has reportedly considered resuming border wall construction to finish gaps in the wall—a stunning admission that Trump’s border wall is effective at preventing border crossings.

But Biden’s idea to solve the crisis seems to be the usual Democrat way: throw money at the problem. Last week it was reported that Joe Biden is considering “a conditional cash transfer program” to address the economic plight that leads immigrants to come to America illegally.

By any objective measure, Trump’s immigration policies were more effective than Joe Biden’s, and as the border crisis continues to worsen, it paves the way for a Trump comeback in 2024. As the 2016 election showed, voters who saw immigration as the most important issue voted 2-1 for Trump, and even more so in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan.

Biden’s incompetence and failure to acknowledge the border crisis is playing right into Trump’s hands. If Trump wants the GOP nomination, he’ll be seen as the candidate most likely to actually solve Biden’s border crisis, and he’ll attract the same voters he did in 2016. Can’t you see Trump running for president again on the slogan “I Told You So”? I know I can.



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