BLM Protestors Toppling 'Offensive' Statues Just Reached A Whole New Level of Absurdity

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There’s a memorial statue Lincoln Park in Washington D.C. that depicts President Abraham Lincoln holding a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing a slave. The Emancipation Memorial, also called  Freedman’s Memorial, apparently offends Black Lives Matter protestors, who, on Tuesday, vowed to topple it down.


“A speaker at the protest against the Emancipation statue of Lincoln in DC said it represents how black people are inferior to white people. He added they aren’t going to wait for the police to give them their liberation,” Townhall’s Julio Rosas tweeted Tuesday.

The statue literally has the word “Emancipation” is large letters, on the base. Yet, BLM protesters think it’s offensive. That makes as much as sense as suggesting that the actual act of ending slavery was an act of white supremacy.

Further adding to the absurdity of the BLM protesters being offended by the statue, which was dedicated in 1876, was built “almost entirely with funds donated by former slaves.”

What started with the toppling of statues of confederate leaders has since expanded to include U.S. presidents, abolitionists, and others. Matt Schlapp, the chair of the American Conservative Union (ACU), mused that statues of Jesus will follow. He’s probably right.


Meanwhile, statues of individuals who were segregationists, racists, belonged to the KKK, or wanted to exterminate black Americans, have been left untouched by these same protesters because these memorialized individuals remain celebrated by the left.

If there’s no objective standard for the toppling down of statues, then what is the message that the protestors are trying to send? Is this really about getting rid of legitimately offensive statues or just wanton destruction of history?

President Trump has now activated hundreds of National Guardsmen to help protect various statues and memorials in Washington D.C.

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