FACEPALM: Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Says Anarchy in City Could Be 'a Summer of Love'

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan showed no sense of urgency to end the anarchy in her city during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo Thursday evening, being shockingly cavalier when asked how long it will continue.


“How long do you think Seattle and those few blocks look like this?” Cuomo asked.

“I don’t know. We could have a Summer of Love!” Durkan replied with a smile. Durken was referencing the 1967 convergence of hippies on San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

Cuomo didn’t seem to buy her response. “Well, tell that to the police who are supposed to be in that precinct, though. But I understand your sentiment, Mayor.”

On Friday morning, President Trump mocked Durkan’s indifference to the anarchy. “These Liberal Dems don’t have a clue,” Trump tweeted. “The terrorists burn and pillage our cities, and they think it is just wonderful, even the death. Must end this Seattle takeover now!”


Liberal mayors and governors seem intent on proving that Trump is the adult in the room.


Matt Margolis is the author of Trumping Obama: How President Trump Saved Us From Barack Obama’s Legacy and the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattMargolis



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