Ten Reasons to Be Thankful for President Trump This Thanksgiving

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If you were like me, you spent most of 2016 convinced Hillary Clinton was gonna win the election handily, that Trump didn’t have a prayer, the Supreme Court would be lost, every insane policy and executive order of Barack Obama would go unchallenged, and essentially become permanent, and America as we know it would continue its descent toward socialism.


Except that didn’t happen. Thanks to Donald Trump, we didn’t get a President Hillary. We were spared a third Obama term and the nation now has a chance. I fully admit that my vote in 2016 was more a vote against Hillary than it was a vote for Trump. Saving us from the disaster that would have been a Hillary presidency is more than enough reason to be thankful for Donald Trump, but his record as president gives us plenty of reasons to be happy he won, aside from just saving us from a Hillary presidency. So, on this Thanksgiving, I thought it would be appropriate to compile a list of reasons to be thankful for President Trump. There are certainly more reasons than the ones below, so before you feast with your families today, feel free to share your own reasons you’re thankful for President Trump.

10. Enforcing immigration laws

It seems like such a simple thing, to follow the rule of law, but for too long, presidents from both parties have seen some form of amnesty as a solution to fixing our immigration system. Not Trump. He’s ended catch-and-release and has been enforcing our immigration law at the border and in the interior of the United States. He even successfully managed to get Mexico to use their law enforcement to prevent caravans of migrants from getting into the United States and has reduced the quota of refugees to a more manageable amount.

9. Neil Gorsuch and the reshaping of the Judiciary


That Barack Obama got two Supreme Court picks was painful enough, but the mere thought of Obama choosing a replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia after his death in February 2016 was truly devastating. That Mitch McConnell was able to prevent that from happening was a miracle in itself, and Trump’s election meant that the gamble would pay off. Or would it? Many on the right weren’t entirely convinced that Trump would govern like a conservative or nominate conservatives to the courts. His choice to fill that vacancy was his first test, and he passed it with flying colors with the nomination of Neil Gorsuch and since then he’s proven himself over and over again, nominating conservatives to lower courts, changing the balance from liberal to conservative. “One out of every 4 active judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals have been appointed by President Trump,” said Adam Kennedy, deputy assistant to the president and deputy director of communications at the White House, in an interview with The Daily Signal. Make no mistake about it, Trump’s impact on the judiciary will be felt for generations.

8. Brett Kavanaugh

The unprecedented smear campaign against Trump’s second Supreme Court pick would have had any other Republican president throw in the towel. Not Trump. A target of endless smears himself, Trump knew that giving in and withdrawing Kavanaugh’s nomination over uncorroborated accusations from people being groomed by powerful people on the left would not only damage his presidency, but it would further empower the Democrats. Trump stood behind Brett Kavanaugh unflinchingly against the smears—as did the GOP.


7. Reversing Obama’s legacy

Whenever there’s a change in power at the White House, the new president attempts to make his mark by reversing achievements of his predecessor, but Trump has done so better than anyone could have anticipated. Trump has gotten us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Iran Deal, and the Paris Climate Accords. He’s rolled back Dodd-Frank, dismantled Obamacare, ended burdensome regulations… the list goes on and on.

6. He supports our military, veterans, and national security

Barack Obama cut military funding and turned his back on our veterans. President Trump has given them the support they should expect from a commander-in-chief. He’s rebuilt and modernized our military, increased defense spending. His change in strategy in the Middle East saved us from embarrassing defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s made more progress in achieving a denuclearized North Korea, and is actively confronting Iranian aggression. And, of course, defeating ISIS is an accomplishment that can’t be understated.

5. He puts America first

I’m not sure whose interests Obama had in mind while he was in the White House, but America was at the bottom of his list. Trump, however, has been very clear about advocating for America’s interests above those of other countries. Whatever his enemies want to say about his so-called trade war, he’s successfully managed to negotiate new trade deals that better serve America’s interests. He’s also managed to cut spending to the United Nations and get NATO allies to contribute spend towards defense.


4. He got the GOP to find their backbone

Trump’s willingness to stand up to Democrats has rubbed off on the GOP in ways I never expected, Senator Lindsey Graham’s epic slam of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee changed the trajectory of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. With few holdouts, the Republican Party has defended President Trump against endless smears by the left, starting back with the Russian collusion hoax. Despite a flurry of negative media coverage, the GOP has stood with near full unity, crushing Democrat’s hopes of a bipartisan impeachment, or perhaps a successful one, as moderate Democrats are starting to get cold feet. Had Democrats made a serious attempt at impeaching George W. Bush, I highly doubt GOP unity in opposition to those efforts would have been as strong as it is today. Republicans have believed for a long time that if they play nice with Democrats they’ll be paid back with some reward. With the exception of Senator Mitt Romney, and a couple of others who have retired or jumped ship, the rest of the GOP has abandoned this fantasy.

3. He’s kept his promises

How often have we experienced a politician running a campaign on big promises who fails to deliver? All the time, right? Well, Trump has proven himself to be the genuine article. When he makes a promise, he follows through. Americans on both sides of the aisle agree. Even his harshest critics can’t deny it—CNN actually called him a “keeper of promises.” What more proof do you need?  And since you asked, yes, he’s been building the border wall—and it’s working. To be fair, he’s not always succeeded in fulfilling promises, due activist judges stopping various efforts like ending DACA (though he did get rid of DAPA) but his list of promises kept is easily the most impressive of our lifetimes.



2. Investigating Obama-era corruption

Barack Obama spied on Trump’s campaign and abused the FISA court system to do it. Do you think there would be an investigation of this abuse if Trump hadn’t won? Not a chance. The lawlessness that defined the Obama years will get exposed. According to Senator Lindsey Graham, the DOJ Inspector General’s report on FISA abuse will be “stunning” and “damning.” Others predict it will ruin careers. One thing is for sure, had Hillary won, none of this would be getting looked into at all, and corrupt liberals in the Deep State would be operating in full force without concern of accountability.

1. The booming economy

Thanks to Trump, the economy is on fire. After years of stagnation, Trump’s election got things moving again. The stock market is at a record high, unemployment at a historic low, consumer confidence is strong, GDP is beating expectations, the manufacturing industry (once thought to be in trouble) is creating jobs. Thanks to Trump, the middle class is seeing a boom stronger than his predecessors ever saw. The Trump economy is so good women and minorities have never done better, and there are more job openings than unemployed workers to fill them. The economy is doing so well that Democrats have tried to give Barack Obama credit for it.


Matt Margolis is the author of Trumping Obama: How President Trump Saved Us From Barack Obama’s Legacy and the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattMargolis



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