Here's the Worst Thing Nancy Pelosi Is Doing That You've Never Heard About

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William Walker, Sergeant-at-Arms of the U.S. House of Representatives, told members of Congress today that the remainder of the defensive-barricade fencing ordered by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi shortly after the January 6 Capitol riot is coming down.


Here’s the text of Walker’s memo:

“Working with the United States Capitol Police (USCP) and congressional stakeholders, the Capitol Police Board (Board) has concurred with USCP’s recommendation to make incremental modifications to the security posture of the Capitol campus.

“Based on USCP’s assessment of the current threat environment and USCP’s enhanced coordination with District of Columbia, neighboring state and federal law enforcement partners, the Board supports USCP’s recommendation to remove the temporary fencing around Capitol Square. Removal is expected to begin as early as Friday, July 9th and conclude within three days, weather permitting. 

“USCP will continue to monitor intelligence information and the associated threat environment. The Architect of the Capitol has the ability to and will expeditiously reinstall the temporary fencing should conditions warrant.   

“Although the temporary fencing will be removed, current building access restrictions will remain in place.”(Emphasis added).

Well, excuse me for not cheering. That fence should never have been put up around the world’s greatest temple of democratic deliberation in the first place. And don’t insult every American’s intelligence by hiding behind “intelligence” that armies of white supremacists are secretly preparing to mount a second vastly more lethal assault.


Here’s betting Pelosi’s paranoia — and her repeated implication that House Republicans share guilt with the January 6 rioters — will eventually be proven to be no more truthful than Russsiagate.

So I have two suggestions:

First, put up or shut up. If the threat remains so profoundly serious, do not allow one more day to go by without showing America the proof. That can happen because Congress determines the jurisdiction of the federal courts.

If they are serious, Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and His Fraudulency in the Oval Office can direct the courts to suspend all other business and start the trials of the more than 500 people arrested in connection with the January 6 riot TOMORROW.

Why do that? Because it will force the Department of Justice (DOJ) to produce actual evidence and allow juries to then decide the guilt or innocence of those charged. It will also allow the American people to decide for themselves whether Pelosi and her allies have been playing an especially sinister form of politics with the January 6 riot.

They won’t do so because it would prevent their taking advantage of the near-certainty that the trials of the key January 6 detainees will be delayed as long as possible so Pelosi and the Democrats can continue accusing Republicans on the campaign trail with being January 6 accomplices right up until November 2022.

Here’s suggestion number two: The most important line in Walker’s memo above about the fence coming down is the one that is boldfaced and italicized. That line refers to Pelosi’s Covid-justified “current building access restrictions.”


Here’s how the restrictions that were introduced in April by then-Acting Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett work: Any member of Congress or staff member who wants or needs to meet with any individual whatsoever from outside of the government must first register the proposed confab with Walker’s office.

Then, assuming there is no objection from Walker’s office, a staff member is required to meet the individual at a Capitol security point to escort them to and from the meeting.

Walking around the Capitol complex after the meeting or going to the office of your state’s two senators, or another of your state’s representatives, is not permitted. And official business visitors (OBV) must wear a badge at all times to identify them as individuals exercising their constitutional right to petition the government.

Media has said little about those restrictions because it’s assumed they only apply to and affect members of Congress and their staffs. And a senior congressional staffer tells me there has been no overt resistance by members or aides.

To which I ask: Why on Earth Not????

Every American citizen is guaranteed the right to representation, including the right to talk directly to their representatives in Congress. And every representative’s right to meet with constituents or anybody else they choose is protected by the Speech or Debate Clause.


Wake up, people. The Constitution does not give Pelosi the authority to decide who gets to meet with their congressman, but that’s exactly what her restrictions do. Even if nobody has been barred since April, the very existence of such a “soft totalitarianism” system is the precedent to justify its more stringent use in the future.

Its existence also means Pelosi now has a formalized bureaucratic surveillance system that enables her and her cronies to know who every Republican member has met or wants to meet with in their congressional office.

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Bottom Line: When are House Republicans going to stand up and say “No!” to Pelosi? Somewhere, Speaker Joe Cannon is shaking his head, wondering to himself “why didn’t I think about that?”


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