Pentagon Report: What Do the Aliens Know? What Will They Do?

A tourist photographs an alien outside a t-shirt and souvenir shop in Roswell, N.M.,, Tuesday, May 22, 2007. (AP Photo/Jake Schoellkopf)

There is much anticipation afoot regarding the imminent Pentagon report on what the American military knows about unidentified flying objects.

If there are aliens, what do they know? And what might they intend for us? While the report might not contain the extraterrestrial revelations UFO buffs are hoping for, we must nonetheless be prepared—with plenty of analysis.


It’s a perennially hot topic, and folks on the political Right are not immune to the fascination. Tucker Carlson has a regular segment, and recently Newsmax host Rob Schmitt brought on a UFO expert to discuss the soon-to-be-released report. Especially in these trying times, with Democrats running amuck, the possibility of space aliens arriving and dynamically altering our perceptions about the universe offers a palatable, fantastical, and obtuse species of hope. “Visitors from outer space” is conservatism’s feel-good alien invasion story.

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Disclosure: I don’t think for a moment that we are alone in the reaches of space. God, in His infinite wisdom, has surely populated the firmament with myriad life forms.

If extraterrestrials have visited our planet, we can only pray that they are “friendly.” If so, when they acknowledge America as the greatest nation on earth, it is important that we be prepared. When they articulate something like, “Take us to your leader,” we must immediately call former President Trump in from the golf course. One parlay with Joe Biden and the aliens might fear that they’ve stumbled onto some vast cosmic joke. Once they figure out that Kamala Harris has ascended to the penultimate position of U.S. power, they may decide that for all the potential resources and dominion, we’re just not worth bothering with—for good or ill.


It is in the realm of possibility that once alien intelligence has collated all they know about Earth’s political landscape, they may assume the Mark Zuckerberg is our Grand Poohbah. The spacemen and women will have doubtless scrutinized our social media, but it is likely that Facebook and other Big Tech platforms will cautiously censor initial alien communications until they ascertain whether the visitors from beyond lean right or left.

Right or left, visitors from galaxies far, far away may have had occasion to sit back in shock and wonderment at some of the earthly goings on, to fear that they have time-warped into some kind of alternate universe. Radio transmissions abound in the upper atmosphere; it is possible that a snippet of Sean Hannity’s recent interview with gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner has found its way into an alien spacecraft’s memory banks.

We cannot know if these visitors from outer space have an appreciation for or even understand the concept of humor. If they do, after processing information that clearly shows the challenges facing freedom on Earth right now–the division, the incompetency, the bankruptcy, China, Marxism, civil unrest, the fractured condition of the social fabric—they may share a snicker at our expense once they determine that Biden and our leftist political class think white supremacy is the biggest problem facing America today.


We must prepare for the possibility that the space aliens come with malign intent. That they have plans to decimate if not eradicate earth’s population by catastrophic means. To that purpose, they will surely have closely monitored the designs, decisions, and dangerous preoccupations of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Many if not most of the extraterrestrial experts believe that the Pentagon report will be redacted where it matters most, and that its findings confirm that the observed phenomena are in fact manifestations of human technology. That Tic-Tac-shaped object observed by Navy pilots might turn out to be nothing more than a skewed angle on the COVID-era drone Governor Gretchen Whitmer utilized to spy on Michiganders who dared to have large family gatherings.

What about that UFO that appeared to have dived into the ocean? We don’t remotely understand the means of power these aliens may have developed, but we do understand the concept of running out of gas. Perhaps that was an alien craft, which ditched in the deeps after running out of whatever power transported it across solar systems to our own. With the Biden administration working overtime to snuff President Trump’s hard-won American energy independence, we can relate.

One aspect of the report has already been made public: Analysis of the Pentagon files concludes that the UFOs swarming around our skies are not, repeat not, American technology. That means they can only be three other things: foreigner flying objects, glitched imagery, or visitors from beyond. If the latter proves true, and they mean us no harm, who knows? The technological advancement that got them here from who knows where might prove a boon to our terrestrial fortunes. If they’d just as soon see us wiped off the face of the planet, the same calculation about their superiority likely means we’re doomed. Somewhere in the middle? Aliens with beneficent plans for our species and our planetary home, and the means to enforce those plans whether we like it or not.


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Bright side: such a middle-of-the-road scenario might be an improvement over the rotten, corrupt, inhumane destiny the Earthbound globalists have in store for humankind.

The whole truth probably won’t be in the Pentagon report, but it’s out there.


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