The Morning Briefing: ICE, ICE Baby and Much, Much More

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Good Friday morning.

Here’s what is on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • President Trump delivers remarks celebrating the six month anniversary of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Maryland shooter

The sicko activist media and progressive agitators were sorely disappointed yesterday to learn that a shooter who attacked an Annapolis, Maryland, newspaper did not turn out to be an unhinged MAGA moron. Five people were killed and more were injured when a maniac shot up the Capital Gazette Thursday afternoon. Here are the names of the five victims. What a tragedy.

The gunman, it turns out, held a grudge against the newspaper, suing it for defamation after the paper reported on a stalking case in which he was the defendant.

Tom Marquardt, former editor and publisher of the Gazette, told ABC News that Ramos had previously filed a defamation lawsuit in 2012 against the paper following a story about a stalking case in which Ramos was the defendant.

“He represented himself and took advantage of the legal system to keep the case alive for a long period of time during which he sued lawyers, judges, anybody who crossed his path and disagreed with him,” Marquardt said.

“We had actually contacted the police to pursue one particular comment in which he wished I would be dead and the police looked into it,” he added. “Beside that there wasn’t a strong enough case to take to court and our strategy really at that point was to lay low and to not infuriate him more than necessary because we just didn’t want the argument to escalate into something worse.”


USA Today has more on the gunman’s past.


Maryland newspaper suspect’s past sparked fears he would become ‘next mass shooter,’ reports say

Annapolis newspaper shooting suspect ID’d as Jarrod W. Ramos

Dem senator: Congress’s inaction on gun laws is ‘green light for would-be shooters’

Rosenstein, Wray roasted by House Committee: “What me, worry?”

Yesterday Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray appeared before the House Judiciary Committee and it got heated. Rosenstein refused to say if he read the Carter Page FISA warrant before he signed and approved it. I wonder if I can use that excuse when I sign documents that require me to swear the information contained within is truthful. No?

The lawmakers took a break during the hearing to go vote on a resolution that the DOJ should turn over the requested documents to Congress by July 6. “The deadline doesn’t include a punishment, though some lawmakers have said contempt of Congress or even impeachment could follow if the FBI and Justice Department won’t meet House committees’ demands.” Big whoop.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) who talks a good game but never delivers anything, got some sound bites in during the hearing. “Whatever you got. Finish it the hell up. Because this country is being torn apart,” he showcased.


Congressman Gohmert (R-Texas) questioned Rosenstein and specifically dropped two names during his Q & A with Rosenstein: Tashina Gauhar and Trisha Anderson. Remember those names.


Trump Must Fire Rod Rosenstein Immediately

Five highlights from the tense Wray-Rosenstein hearing

ICE under fire

The Democrats are escalating their push to get rid of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency because they do not want the U.S. border to be protected. I can only assume they want everyone to just walk on in to the U.S., be it Hezbollah, drug cartel honchos, or MS-13. “Protests have broken out near ICE facilities in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Portland, Ore., in recent days, prompting the agency to put up barriers near entrances or after immigration hearings.”


Nearly 600 protesters at Women’s March arrested on Capitol Hill

Feds begin removing Occupy ICE protesters in Portland

SCOTUS roundup

Drink up the tears with your morning coffee! CNN’s Sellers: Another Trump SCOTUS pick would mean US is ‘screwed for generations’

Trump meets with key senators as he starts full-court press to nominate new justice

Gonna be a hot summer White House wants Trump to nominate a justice before Putin trip

Trump, White House start outreach to key Supreme Court votes


Historical picture of the day:

Fred Astaire performs his firecracker dance number from the musical movie “Holiday Inn” in Hollywood, Ca., on June 29, 1942. (AP Photo)

Other morsels:

California governor signs ban on soda tax

Vaping Industry Rallies To Oppose Looming Flavor Crackdown From The FDA

Democratic IT Aide Says Imran Awan Solicited Bribe From Him In Exchange For Contract With Then-Rep. Gwen Graham

Melania Trump visits border facility in Arizona

‘I’ve got one tough wife’: McConnell ‘loved’ watching Elaine Chao confront protesters

John Kelly expected to leave White House this summer

Woman sues Chinese buffet for $1M over ‘fried rice syndrome’

Alligator strolling towards Walmart gets caught by police

You bought the ticket, now take the ride Maxine Waters says she’s faced increased threats, cancels attending 2 events

Have a good holiday weekend and go beat back the angry mob!


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