Chicago: 6 Shot at Gun Violence Victim's Memorial

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Rahm’s Chicago.

During a memorial service for a victim of criminal gun violence on the South Side of Chicago, six people were shot including a 12-year-old girl.


Community activist Jedidiah Brown told reporters that “the opposition” to those attending the memorial came through an alley before opening fire on the group of mourners. He added that the mother of the person being memorialized was also among the victims, though police have not confirmed that information.

A 12-year-old girl suffered a graze wound to the head from a bullet, police said, and was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital, where her condition had stabilized.

Four of the victims are in stable condition while two remain in serious condition.

“I’m asking that those individuals who may see this, that are planning retaliation right now, that you stand down from that and that we look for peaceful alternatives,” Brown said.

Police have not made any arrests yet.

So far in January 2016, 44 people have been shot and killed and 219 have been shoot and wounded. The city has seen 45 homicides this month with six days left in the month.

President Trump recently threatened Chicago with federal interference if the city couldn’t get its gun-violence problem under control.


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