Elon Musk Drops the Hammer on Twitter Account Debuting Pedo Flag

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Theoretically, there is nothing wrong with letting people “live their truth.” But once someone’s truth begins to ruin someone else’s life, then there are problems. And when the nation decided that gender was whatever someone feels like it is on any given day, the door was opened for anyone to sneak through. And not all of these people are content to simply live their truth and go their merry way.


Since we have decided to not just tear down Chesterton’s fences but burn them and re-seed the land so no trace of them remains, all manner of people have been more than happy to see if they can legitimize their personal dysfunctions. Leading the list is someone with the Twitter account @zeebdemon. The appropriately named Zeebdemon decided that it was time to roll out the official flag of pedophiles, perhaps in the hope that it would join the ranks of all of the other identity flags out there. According to The Post Millennial, the now-excised tweet had photos of the new flag with the caption:

Happy Alice Day, to those who celebrate,” the user wrote. “I figured, why not use today to unveil the YAP (Youth Attracted People) pride flag I designed almost a year ago? I wanted to stray from the oft used horizontal bars motif, but only a little. I wanted to retain some familiarity,

Elon Musk was having none of it and suspended the account.

The “flag” consisted of diagonal stripes of pink, white, blue, and yellow. One user, Robby Starbuck, commented, “Thank you. I was temporarily suspended by old Twitter for simply saying that child raping pedophiles should face the death penalty after being proven guilty. Big change under your ownership. Now pedophiles are no longer protected by Twitter! Keep it up.” Hopefully, Musk turned the information for Zeebdemon over to the appropriate law enforcement officials. And for that matter, the information on anyone who liked or retweeted this garbage. I would have suggested the FBI, but the Department of Justice is currently busy training its sights on Tennessee to overturn a ban on transition surgery and hormone treatments for minors. National Review notes that Henry Leventis, a Middle District U.S. attorney, said on Wednesday:


Left unchallenged, it (the law) would prohibit transgender children from receiving health care that their medical providers and their parents have determined to be medically necessary. In doing so, the law seeks to substitute the judgment of trained medical professionals and parents with that of elected officials and codifies discrimination against children who already face far too many obstacles.

So the DOJ won’t be much help. But what did you expect? May local detectives prevail where our federal government fails. Or turns a blind eye. But beyond that, where is the outrage from the trans community? I know that lesbians and gays are trying to distance themselves from the trans side of things, but where is the trans community? Why isn’t it telling Zeebdemon that it won’t tolerate victimizing children? Honestly, the Rainbow crowd should have been the first to come after Zeebdemon. They should be freezing this person and everyone like them out of the movement.

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This is exactly what we were talking about when the debate over men using women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. We said there would be deviants who would use this movement as a vehicle to get their rocks off. And whaddayaknow? We were right.

People have raised a number of issues with the new version of the sexual revolution that has swept the nation. One of which has been an objection on a biblical basis. Oddly enough, the sins of this movement are rooted in Original Sin. Like Adam and Eve, its adherents care nothing for anyone but themselves.



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