Trans Rights Means No Rights at All

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“Trans rights” is nothing but the Left’s most recent assault on our individual rights, with sufferers of gender dysphoria used (and abused) as the shiny objects of their attention. Using the cause of “queer rights” to cover for the normalization of pedophilia and grooming is a separate but related issue that I’ll delve into in a future column.


The beauty of natural rights is that they recognize our own liberties and responsibilities but place no burden upon one another. My freedom of speech doesn’t compel you to listen. Your liberty to keep and bear arms doesn’t put my law-abiding self in any danger. Our legal rights, as defined by the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th amendments to the Constitution, place serious burdens on the government — due process, speedy trials, etc. — but none on each of us.

The fiction of “trans rights” places a tremendous burden on the vast majority of people whose brains and bodies are in sync. We’re forced to play along with the fiction that brains — which learn and grow and change all the time — are what determine our “true” gender. And yet the nature and features of our bodies — fixed at conception by our genetic code — are infinitely malleable, mere plastic to be molded by surgery and drugs to conform to the brain’s whims.

Worse, by conflating a mental health issue with a civil rights issue, the Left has found a clever new way to upend the entire notion of rights.

The impact on individuals of this fiction has been to deny the right of adolescent girls to survive their awkward stage intact — and there’s got to be a special place in Hell for surgeons who butcher the bodies of teenage girls under the influence of this social contagion. “Gender dysmorphia used to be more common in men,” Zachary Faria wrote for the Washington Examiner last November, “but with the rise in the promotion of transgenderism and gender transitions on social media, unsurprisingly young women and girls have fallen down the rabbit hole.”


Women have lost the right to have their own spaces, their own sports, and even — when you look at the glamorization of pantomime “women” like Dylan Mulvaney — their own selves. Straight men have lost the right to admit we’re attracted only to real women. So have lesbians for that matter, because being LGB is no defense against the Q and the T.

Now we have governments in states like California and Oregon passing laws against parents helping guide their children across the rocky passages of adolescence, and mandating trans “care” as part of their “protection” of kids’ trans rights.

Nearly as bad is the weaponization of those so-called trans rights by violent adult males, to weasel their way into formerly women’s spaces. The most chilling example are these male convicts who declared themselves “women” and will serve their time alongside actual females in California’s women’s prisons:


There are several more examples in the full thread, each one the stuff of nightmares — and any and all of their future crimes against female convicts 100% enabled by the state of California.

If we go strictly by attempted suicide rates, then gender dysphoria is far and away the most debilitating mental condition anyone could suffer. Nearly one in four sufferers attempt suicide at some point in their lives, and “almost half (48.3%) reported suicidal ideation.” Those jaw-dropping numbers are unchanged regardless of whether or not a person has undergone transitioning.

Emphasis added because it can’t be emphasized loudly enough or repeated often enough: Those jaw-dropping numbers are unchanged regardless of whether or not a person has undergone transitioning.

Those individuals enduring this terrible condition deserve our sympathy and our care, not indulgence.

There’s nothing in “trans rights” that addresses the sad fact that nothing we’re doing is helping, and seemingly everything we’re doing hurts someone — particularly those who don’t even suffer from gender dysphoria.

And there’s nothing right about that at all.


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