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Top 5 Comedies from Reagan's 1980s

When you think about movies in the Reagan era, what names come to mind?

Stallone. Schwarzenegger. Van Damme. Norris. Eastwood.

The decade wasn't all about brawn, though. Some of the best film comedies hit the screen while President Ronald Reagan sat in the Oval Office. They may get overshadowed by the era's action heroes. They still deserve some attention.

So, to honor the funny men and women from the '80s, here are the Reagan era's best big-screen comedies, from fifth best to the '80s comedy champ.

5. "Better Off Dead"


Some movies get better over time. Others find their cultural cache increasing with age. "Better Off Dead" scores on both counts. John Cusack plays the lovesick teen who'd rather end it all than live without his beloved Beth. Turns out there's a French exchange student who might change his mind.

This is deliriously inventive storytelling, a mashup of animation, absurdist humor and relatable angst. Quotable lines ("I want my two dollars!") only sweeten the laughs.