What Happens Now That Republicans Have Sold Out Your Internet Privacy?

I wrote about the Senate overturning rules that authorized Internet providers to capture our personal information without our permission and sell it to anyone they please. Now the House of Representatives has just followed suit, so unless President Trump vetoes it, it will become law. The White House issued a statement supporting the House's action and indicating that Trump will sign the legislation.

The overturned rules were created by the Federal Communications Commission in October, requiring broadband providers to get our permission before collecting private data on our online activities and offering it for sale to advertisers.

So, what exactly does this mean? It means whenever you go onto the Internet to do searches, browse or anything at all, your Internet provider will be able to track you, collect that data, and use that information to make money from anyone who wants to buy the information. If you do a search for cancer or another disease, it might be shared with your insurance company. If you go onto an X-rated site, that information could be used to target you with X-rated ads on any of your devices. If you do research on cars, you may now start being inundated with automobile ads or even calls from auto dealers. Just think of it as someone peering over your shoulder whenever you are in front of computer screen or use your phone or tablet.

Now, understand that the regulation that the Senate voted to kill was not to prevent this from being done. It already could be done, but you had to provide permission first. This law now says your permission is not needed and you don’t even have to be informed that it’s being done.