100-Year-Old Ohio Man Credits Vodka and Dancing for Longevity

What's the secret to living a long, happy life? One Army veteran from Copley, Ohio, seems to have a hunch. Joe Saiani, who served in World War II, just celebrated his 100th birthday. His secret? According to NewsNet 5, "dance as much as you can, enjoy olive oil and a nightly drink won't hurt you."

Saiani only takes one daily blood pressure pill. Beyond that, he cooks with olive oil, makes himself a nightly vodka and tonic, and doesn't stress about getting old.

"I just don't think about how old I am. I really don't. It doesn't bother me," he said.

Saiani, who was born when Woodrow Wilson was President, sold meat and fish for most of his life and retired from a Cleveland company at the age of 95.

The centenarian also believes his love for ballroom dancing contributed to his longevity.

Saiani and his wife, Posie, danced for decades across the country, including inside dance halls in Cleveland, Canton, Illinois, Missouri, Florida, New York and West Virginia.

"I think it's good exercise. I think that kept me alive really."

Sadly, his wife passed away three years ago.

Last year, when Saiani turned 99 years old, his son, Renny, used social media to help connect his father with old Army buddies. He posted a picture and in the caption wrote:

This my Dad, Joe Saiani, today is his 99th Birthday, Happy Birthday Dad. He asked me to post this to see if, just maybe, one of his old Army buddies were still around. He was in the 1st Infantry, Company K in WWII.

It would be a special 100th birthday treat for Mr. Saiani to find some of his WWII friends. If you think you might know someone who would have fought with the centenarian, be sure to share this article!