5 Reasons You Should Be Signing Up for Netflix Right Now

It's not TV or HBO. It's Netflix.

The streaming giant has plenty of competition these days. Amazon Prime is making a serious play in the streaming space, both with existing content and strong original fare. Hulu boasts a heady amount of network shows to be seen at our convenience.

Yet Netflix remains on top, in part, because of its impressive slate of originals and content depth. The company sinks serious coin into its programming slate. That not only makes up for its dwindling but still strong catalog of old films, but offers consumers plenty of reasons to pay $10/month for its services.

So here are 5 reasons to pony up for Netflix, including the service's best series (so far).

1. Daredevil

Think the Marvel Cinematic Universe represents superhero storytelling at its finest? You might change your mind after watching "Daredevil." Yes, the scale is smaller, the threats centralized around Hells Kitchen and not the earth in toto.

Still, Charlie Cox is terrific as the blind lawyer/crimefighter, and the series makes the most of its singular villains. Season One showcased Vincent D'Onofrio's bravura turn as the Kingpin, while Jon Bernthal's Punisher proved fascinating in an entirely different way in Season Two.

Best of all, whoever is handling the fight choreography deserves a raise. This isn't shaky cam central. It's elegant and fierce, and it makes every super skirmish feel like something swiped from a major Hollywood blockbuster.