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9 People We're Hoping Will Just Shut Up and Go Away in 2017

Here my list of the most tiresome people, most likely to get me to change the channel, shut out a conversation, or quit reading. Some of them actually agree with me on many issues, but … enough already!

9. Black Lives Matter

Marcus Mulberry, of Steelton, marches with others down Third Street during a Baltimore solidarity rally, Saturday, May 2, 2015 in Harrisburg, Pa. (James Robinson/PennLive.com via AP)

Will the Left in this country finally figure out what a crucial role Black Lives Matter had in electing Donald Trump?

Or maybe, they will finally figure out that BLM is hurting the black lives that really matter—innocent people living among criminals. (Okay, that’s a fantasy, I admit.)

I get it, having a Community Organizer in Chief made liberals forget the actual lessons of the '60s and '70s -- and that chaos cost them. Will they learn it again? Doubtful. The Social Justice Warriors of today and those who are clinging to the myths of their glorious past are too entrenched in the Democratic Party.

So, it’s the Russians’ fault.