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10 of Chris Queen's Greatest Hits

Editor's Note: The internet is not a very friendly place. The anonymity the medium provides makes it real easy for arrogant bullies to spoil everything with their own cynicism and self-loathing rather than focus on celebrating the good, innocent aspects of life. Editing Chris Queen for more than 3 years now has been like taking a regular booster shot of Southern sunshine. He always brings a smile to my face with his articles celebrating the "great, big beautiful tomorrow" that's coming. Here's how he concluded the ninth article in this collection:

 "Cynics will always find something negative to look to about the future. The world around us can make us jaded about what may be in store for us. But when I walk through the gates of Walt Disney World -- especially Epcot -- I sense a palpable excitement about what can be in the future. Give me the optimistic futurism of Walt Disney over cynicism and grimness any day."

Over the years at PJ Lifestyle Chris has covered and researched Walt Disney the man and the company he founded. Future collections of his work will highlight some of his intriguing discoveries. For now, please also check out the previous best-of collections published last weekend: 10 of Walter Hudson’s Greatest Hits10 of Hannah Sternberg’s Greatest Hits, and 10 of Kathy Shaidle’s Greatest Hits. For more great articles, also check out the list of PJ Lifestyle’s Top 50 List Articles of 2013. - Dave Swindle

October 30, 2011:

1. The Ten Things You Must Do at Disney World

By my count, I’ve been to Walt Disney World 25 times, though others in my family think I may have been more.

December 5, 2011:

2. Walt Disney’s Five Greatest Innovations

Today marks the 110th anniversary of the birth of the 20th century's greatest visionary artist and entrepreneur.

April 12, 2014:

3. Ten Books Every Disney Fan Should Read

You won't really understand Walt Disney until you start reading...

January 4, 2012:

4. Five TV Shows That Didn’t Get the Chance They Deserved

Maybe Netflix can resurrect some of these?

February 24, 2012:

5. The Ten Biggest Academy Awards Blunders

Oscar’s Only Human...

April 23, 2012:

6. Ten Bands That Define Southern Rock


July 16, 2012:

7. Five Scenarios You Can Always Expect on Hell’s Kitchen

It's RAW!!!!!

May 3, 2013:

8. Walt Disney’s Fascinating Political Journey

The Man Behind The Mouse underwent a political transition from naive socialist cartoonist to staunch conservative mogul.

June 7, 2013:

9. Walt Disney’s Optimistic Futurism

"I say believe in the future, the world is getting better; there are lots of possibilities." -- Walt Disney

July 16, 2013:

10. Hollywood’s Terrible Southern Accent Syndrome

So where do all the bad dialects come from?