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The Slacker Manifesto

Rolling Stone recently published an essay titled “Five Economic Reforms Millenials Should Be Fighting For” by twenty-something author Jesse A. Myerson. It won’t take long to read, though you might develop a headache while doing so.

Essentially, young Jesse wants communism, and he wants it now. There are several wonderful takedowns of this youngster’s astounding ignorance about communism and the misery, degradation, and death that result in the countries that have attempted to force it on their people, but I’d like to address the why.

Why does communism sound so lovely and appealing to teenagers and young adults? You can argue that our school systems and our universities are seething with Marxists, and you’d be right. But if all those teachers were agitating for forced labor camps and mass executions, you wouldn’t see young people getting excited and marching around holding signs.


Communism ends up with forced labor camps, starvation, and mass murder, but it starts out sounding like Mom’s house. Young Jesse wants a guaranteed income, housing, and food. This is what adults provide for children. Jesse’s entire “Five Economic Reforms” are a cry to keep living at home, to have his needs taken care of by parental figures, to remain forever a child.