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MSNBC Anchor Barks Homophobic Slur at Fellow Journalist


MSNBC anchor Alec Baldwin was videotaped shouting "c**ksucking f*g," to a photographer by TMZ.com, John Nolte writes at Big Journalism:

MSNBC hired Baldwin knowing he was already guilty of hurling anti-gay hate speech at a reporter. Back in June, Baldwin not only used his Twitter account to hurl anti-gay slurs, he  threatened the reporter and called on his Twitter followers to "straighten out this f**king little bitch."

Almost all of the mainstream media gave Baldwin a total pass for his reprehensible behavior last June. In fact, afterwards he won a weekly show on MSNBC (which is currently collapsing in the ratings).

Maybe the media was exhausted after destroying cooking guru Paula Deen over something she said thirty years ago.

Nolte refers to Baldwin as an "actor," but as I mentioned back in August, when the idea for Baldwin's show was initially floated by NBC, if the former actor is going to host a talk show for NBC, then he's now in the same profession as the photographers he loves to threaten and hurl abuse at -- they're both working journalists attempting to gather news and information and present them to the public. And why NBC would sanction any of their employees to behave in such a fashion is a curious double-standard -- almost as big a double-standard as contractually allowing Al Sharpton to remain an activist while also playing the role of NBC anchorman.

Between's Al Sharpton's history of rabble-rousing, fabulism, and anti-Semitism, Baldwin's hair-trigger homophobia, and the number of microphones Ed Schultz must ruin each week with his spittle-flecked invective, keeping a safe distance from all of NBC's toxic anchors seems like rather sound advice these days -- perhaps for members of both parties.