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After Years of Looking, a Decent Shave


I've spent years looking for a decent shave.

My beard is like steel wire. I can't shave every day, I can't afford to. With blades costing upwards of $4 each and a beard that would wreck a blade in just a couple days if I shaved every day, I really really can't afford it.

Not only that, but finding a decent razor at the store has been... interesting. I liked the Mach 3 but blades run over $3 each. I went with a Shick Quatro, but, while those cartridges are more reasonable, they don't last as long either.

I'm not unique in this issue; most men I know complain they can't find a decent shave at a decent price.

So then I came across this website harrys.com. I just clicked on an ad on impulse.

"Hmmm, blades for $2 or less, razor for $10, $15 or a razor, three blades and a tube of shaving cream," I thought to myself. "Prices aren't bad, the razor looks nice, I just had a birthday."

So off I go to the wife-unit.

"Hon? Look at this site?"

She looked it over and mulled it and said, "Oh just order one."

So I did. I got the Truman, in Olive, because green is my favorite color. It arrived yesterday.

First impressions on the next page...