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An Honest Answer: Darren Aronofsky Should Direct Everything


Stephen Green asks the question and I give the answer: Darren Aronofsky, director of the upcoming $125 million biblical epic Noah, has been my favorite director since I was a senior in high school more than a decade ago. All of his films are awesome and anyone who disagrees with me on this is wrong. They have just not learned how to engage intellectually with the layers of meaning embedded in Aronofsky's films. His five movies are each stand-outs in their genres:

1998's low-budget, sci-fi thriller Pi is smart, artsy, and visually unique. It's hard to think of more intelligent, creative science fiction films in the last 15 years.

2000's unrated, ultra-depressing drug drama Requiem for a Dream remains my favorite film of all time, one I saw four times while it was in theaters. I have never experienced a film that delivers as intense of an emotional experience than Requiem. It is perfection in all realms across editing, music, acting, writing, and cinematography. The best drug film, the best movie about addiction, and really the scariest, best horror movie of all time too.

2006's deeply under-appreciated sci-fi fantasy epic The Fountain is overwhelmingly beautiful, the opposite of Requiem. It's Aronofsky's 2001 except with soul. I could have this move on repeat all day.