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Does Homeschooling Reduce Opportunities for Women in the Workplace?


Homeschooling was the topic of a recent of edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe, with Sen. Ron Paul as guest. Paul expressed his hope that more people would choose homeschooling. "I want people to be able to homeschool their children. Not everybody is designed to pick out the leaders who want to, and maybe 20 percent might be interested in doing this."

Paul's lofty goal of 20% of families homeschooling their children would obviously revolutionize American education and have a dramatic impact on families. According to the federal government, the percent of homeschooled children in the United States is currently in the single digits.

But rather than focusing on education, MSNBC Morning Joe commentator Katty Kay worried that bringing all those children home with their mothers would deal a devastating blow to opportunities for women in the workplace.

Twenty percent of children being homeschooled --  that’s going to mean a vast drop in the number of women in the work force because it’s largely women who are doing the homeschooling. A lot of women can’t afford to give up their jobs. A lot of families can’t afford that and do we actually want to be encouraging women not to take part of the work force because we know how valuable that diversity is. I’m just, I’m concerned about advocating homeschooling on this level when women are having such a hard time already, staying in the work force.

Did you ever notice that liberals are all "for the children" until it comes to sacrificing their personal desires or their beloved "diversity," which apparently ranks higher than "the children" in these debates? With the current state of the American family, the decline of the culture, the behemoth welfare state, and the soaring incarceration rates, should diversity in the workplace even be a consideration in the decision about whether or not to homeschool?