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Adrian Peterson Made Himself an Ugly Stereotype


Incredibly, there are sports media types and progressive outlets defending Adrian Peterson's irresponsible fathering of so many children out of wedlock with different baby mamas that he didn't even know of one's existence for two whole years.

Unfortunately for that child, he died from a beating allegedly administered by his mother's boyfriend before he could meet his biological father. TMZ is now reporting that Peterson has fathered up to seven illegitimate children with six women, but he only regularly sees the children he fathered with his current girlfriend. The others get only the benefit of child support payments. But according to Travis Waldron of ThinkProgress, we can't be sure what kind of father Peterson is!

Neither do any of the other writers casting Peterson as a deadbeat know how involved or uninvolved with his children he is or the specifics of any of these situations. According to media reports, Peterson regularly pays child support.

Really? Child support payments equal "good father" to Waldron? Peterson didn't even know he had fathered a son who was dying in a hospital until three months earlier, and he hadn't gone to see him in that time. He's not exactly on my list for Father of the Year. Further, he keeps knocking up waitresses and dancers all over the country. Has the man no self-control? He had two sons the same age. He can't even keep to one woman at a time! It is a fact that every night at dinner time at least four of his children sit down at a table with an empty chair where Peterson should be. I know everything I need to know about Peterson with those facts. He's a terrible example to the young men who look up to him.

Waldron whines on that other writers are using boring statistics to prove Peterson is a bad father and that's not fair!

Data, which only Lemon used to try and make a cogent point, indeed suggest that children are safer and better off in two-parent homes. But single-parent homes exist throughout the country — they aren’t unique to African-Americans or whites or football players or any single group —

Well, Mr. Waldron, those statistics aren't just numbers people pulled out of the air. They came from the Department of Health and Human Services. Statistically speaking, it is a mathematical fact that children who live with a single mother are 10 times more likely to be abused by a live-in boyfriend. A good progressive as yourself should believe anything a big-government agency tells you! I'm shocked you seem to shrug these numbers off as if they do not apply to Peterson's situation. He has a dead two-year-old as proof of the validity of the studies! As for suggesting that children are better off with intact families but single parents exist so the rest of us should just shut up with our judgy-ness, I say, make me! It's BAD for people. It's like lice or herpes! You don't want it! My colleagues and I are trying to do what Peterson and other NFL stars with children looking up to them as heroes should be doing! We are trying to sound the warning bell to younger generations that this is no way to live and no way to have a functioning, compassionate society that values children! Waldron continues:

We don’t know what led to Peterson’s circumstances. We don’t know what type of father he is or isn’t. We don’t know why he wasn’t more involved with this child already, or if more involvement would have saved the child’s life. Instead, we’re putting Adrian Peterson into a mold we think we already know, that of the absentee black father

Let me address those "unknowns," starting with what led to Peterson fathering some seven children with six different women. Promiscuity mixed with poor birth-control skills led to his circumstance. We know that the type of father he is is the kind that doesn't see four of his children very often and one not at all. We do know that more involvement could have saved the life of his now deceased son. If Peterson were a person of any intelligence he would have conducted a $40 background and criminal investigation into Joseph Patterson before allowing his son to move under the same roof with him and he could have fought in court to keep him away from his daft mother if she insisted on moving in with a convicted child abuser anyway. As far as putting Peterson into a "mold we think we already know, that of an absentee black father," Peterson put himself in that mold. He is an absentee black father.

The Left is obsessed with accusing people of "stereotyping" which is linked in their minds to racism and if any of us point out a truth they can scream "RAAAAACIST" at the top of their lungs and the rest of us will cower in fear.


Get a new attack line. This one doesn't work anymore. Racism doesn't exist the way people like Waldron want it to. The effectiveness of this argument is stale and fading. Peterson is a scab on humanity who cares more about getting off in strippers than he does about the children he creates. It doesn't make me a racist to point it out, it just makes me courageous (considering the epithets people like Waldron are hurling at anyone who dares speak truth.)