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The Scariest Part of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Mickey's Boo To You Halloween Parade

If you're a regular reader of my posts here (bless your heart), you know that I spent last week, along with three generations of my family, at Walt Disney World. We make a pilgrimage about once a year, and most of our last few trips have taken place on our local school system's fall break. Going this time of year has afforded us the chance to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

For the uninitiated, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is a special event at the Magic Kingdom that requires a separate ticket. Cast members usher non-party guests out of the park at 7:00, and the fun begins - including special parades and fireworks, trick-or-treating for everyone, and, most importantly, shorter lines for attractions.

Sunday afternoon, we set off for the Magic Kingdom, with my nieces dolled up in their costumes. My sister and brother-in-law put their girls in cute, late summer dresses inspired by Minnie Mouse and Snow White - not the actual replicas, mind you, but stylized dresses - while my brother and sister-in-law dressed their daughter as a hula girl. It didn't take long for us to find out that those costumes were mere child's play compared to some of the adults we saw.

Before I go any further, in the interest of full disclosure, I've never really been a costume kind of guy, and Halloween was never a big deal for us growing up. I grew up in a rural area, and few of our neighbors bothered with candy, so we just didn't make a big deal of the whole costume and trick-or-treat thing. Besides, at Walt Disney World, I'm all about comfort. At the party, I wore a Haunted Mansion themed T-shirt that netted me quite a few compliments, thank you very much. But enough about me.