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Queen Ann Advises Republicans: Always Listen to Mother


I don't have many role models -- living ones, anyway. I tend to avoid idolizing celebrities. As for the few I do admire, I make it a point never to glimpse behind the curtain and into their personal lives, lest the spell be broken.

And then there's Ann.

As extremely private as she is, Ann Coulter reveals another dimension of her heart in her latest book, Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 --Especially a Republican. A massive compilation of her best columns ranging from gun control to Sandra Fluke, the book's last chapter contains her eulogies of her father and mother. Only Ann could manage to weave together comic one-liners about liberal attitudes towards Islamofascism with warm, heartfelt remembrances of the two most powerful influences on her life:

Your parents are your whole world when you are a child. You only recognize what is unique about them when you get older and see how the rest of the world diverges from your standard of normality.

Divergence is the theme of Ann's latest tome, and it plays out in a variety of ways. Agreeing with much of the conservative blogosphere, Ann is quick to criticize the failures of Republicans more focused on their ego than party success, while arguing for Republicans to embrace liberal tactics in order to beat liberals at their own game.

We need to adopt the Democrats' merciless enforcement techniques without the ideology. Is that so hard? Instead, we keep getting all the passion with none of the discipline.