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Is Family Guy the Most Terrible TV Show of All Time?


Editor's Note:

Last Spring at PJ Lifestyle my friend Susan L.M. Goldberg began developing her own vibrant brand of cultural criticism. Combining the provocative literary style and rebellious ethos of Camille Paglia and Ann Coulter with a proud Jewish heritage and hard-learned lessons in the wilderness of postmodern academia, Susan has developed an exciting polemical vision, laden with erudite analysis and witty humor. She's become such a fun writer to edit.

Her first target was Seth MacFarlane's overrated cause célèbre, the cult TV show Family Guy. Susan knows this territory well. Through her series she's able to explain how behind the show's seemingly random structure, non-stop pop culture references, and all-purpose viciousness lies a dangerous worldview which causes real life problems. Ideas have consequences. And a culture grown numb with shocks, endless narrative deconstructions, and a hipster's nothing-is-sacred shrug will not be prepared to defend itself when real evil strikes.

Not every idea in human experience should be put on a manatee ball and randomly combined into a 30 second sex joke for junior high boys. Susan explains why here.

David Swindle

Manateessouthpark (1) South Park famously satirized Family Guy, pulling out sharp knives in suggesting that the show was actually written by a team of manatees randomly picking ideas that could be jammed together for the show's diversions.

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