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What Exit for Great New Jersey Wine? Old York, Of Course!


I'm a white wine drinker. I enjoy their complexity, their spirit, and their accessibility. Which is why on a rather hot and humid Labor Day weekend I opted to stick to whites on the tasting menu at Old York Cellars.

A gorgeous combination of modern and eclectic, the tasting room at Old York Cellars was buzzing with a diverse crowd of Jersey wine fanatics. You can tell the Jersey wine fanatic a mile away because while some wine tasters will mill about between sips, perhaps checking out the art hanging up around the tasting room, Jersey wine-o's stand at the crowded bar determined to make their way down the list. What can I say? We're used to waiting in traffic.

Claiming a spot at the bar our hostess supplied us with a wine list: six for $5. We commenced with the 2012 Dry Riesling. Rich and flavorful, this Riesling proffered a rather tangy finish. When it comes to a dry wine, I preferred the 2012 Vidal Blanc. At 0% residual sugar, this beautiful white gold wine played citrus notes as it danced across my tongue leaving a wet, smooth finish.

Their 2011 Sweet Riesling is truer to expectation. At 4% residual sugar it carried a pleasant flavor, richer, fuller body and almost creamy mouthfeel. A Silver Medal winner at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition is a serious honor given the fact that the Finger Lakes are the King of American Riesling.  This wine should find a place at your dessert table with light, naturally sweet fare.