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A Punch in the Gut: The Aftermath of 9/11


When 9/11 happened, I was a communications undergrad studying filmmaking. Therefore, I decided there'd be no other way to honor 9/11 than to turn its aftermath into a star-studded film pitch. Since historical dramas tend to be hot these days (from Downton Abbey to Hyde Park on Hudson, the 20th century is in) I thought I'd give it a historical bent. You know, not to make any points or anything, just for the ratings. So, I present to you for workshopping the first draft of: AFTERMATH: THE PRE/SEQUEL TO 9/11.

Obama FDR

This guy is The Lead. He makes all kinds of promises, starting off with social reforms to "improve" the economy that boil down to a bunch of new taxes and the increased socialization of the American government, but people like him because he photographs well. He prefers golf to politics (after all, you gotta save face) so he sends out...


...his Right-Hand-Man. He's happy for a supporting-character role and has prepped for the part by getting a bit of work done. He's got people on the inside who hook him up with some interesting news about "The Bad Guy."


No, not this guy. This guy is the Fall Guy. He made a deal with the last Fall Guy to store some weapons of mass destruction, but lately he's gotten a little too big for his britches and needs to be taken down a notch, lest he draw too much attention to The Bad Guy.