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The Rise of Shaved Ice


Shaved ice is all the rage right now, and a quick search on Yelp will bring up over 2,000 results for Los Angeles alone, many touting traditional flavors such as tropical punch and watermelon, while others go the more adventurous route with taro, bean, and condensed milk combinations. This whimsical treat, once an afterthought on the menus of ice cream trucks and beachside vendors, is getting a stylish revamp, making it trendy and hip again to gaggle-foodies looking to try new things.

With the mercury still scheduled to hover close to 100 degrees despite the commencement of September, I feel it is my civic duty to tell you how to make your own shaved ice at home. That's where the Electric Shaved Ice Machine by Hawaiian Shaved Ice comes in. This wonderful little appliance lets you bring this summer staple into your regular frozen-treat repertoire.