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7 Predictions for Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black


Check out the previous installments of Becky Graebner’s ongoing series exploring Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black:

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August 28: Love Wars: When the Loser Strikes Back

Spoiler Warning….


Thirteen hours, one notepad of paper, many laughs, and several puzzled glances later, I finished the first season of Orange Is the New Black. My feelings on this show have been mixed — which I’m sure you can grasp from my writing on the subject — and I’m still trying to process my overall impression of the prison comedy. What I do know is that season one ended with a bang — or should I say a “KAPOW! @#?% WHAM!” Poor Tiffany (not). I’m honestly looking forward to how Jenji Kohan is going to start season two after Piper’s life seemed to completely fall apart even more than usual when one enters prison. Here are a few plot and character predictions for season two.