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Love Wars: When the Loser Strikes Back

No more "Mr. Nice Guy" on Orange is the New Black. TLC's Jon Gosselin and Netflix's Larry Bloom might need to go to a joint therapy session.

Becky Graebner


August 28, 2013 - 1:00 pm
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Happier Times…


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Spoiler Warning….


Remember Jon & Kate Plus 8?  Despite the adorable sextuplets, angelic twins, and a booming TLC show, the parents of this famous family suffered through a very hostile (and a very public) divorce in 2009.  It was ugly.  Kate got the house, the kids, and Jon ended up with, well, all of his Tom Hardy clothes.  In the months and years that followed, the news periodically reported small scuffles between the TLC stars; Kate was made out to be a crazy woman and Jon a deadbeat dad.

The spats continue to this day.  Just yesterday, the Gosselins reappeared in the news because Jon did something stupid and Kate wants to sue him.  My first thought was, “Wow, really, Jon?”  My second thought was, “Is he acting out against Kate because he needs the income and publicity?  Is he really just a jerk or is he attempting to deal with heartbreak and change in his own way and is just failing?”

I’m starting to think that Jon is doing both: he’s acting out against Kate because he cannot deal with his own demons.  It’s honestly sad and Jon needs help.

Larry Bloom in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black reminds me a little bit of Jon Gosselin.  Like Jon, Larry is also stuck between a rock and a hard place… both men seem to have semi-lost their minds over a woman and family that they love-or used the love.  Similar to Jon’s antics, Larry sometimes acts like a spineless jerk, but it’s probably due to his inability to deal with his own demons and separation from the woman he loves.  I’ve been hard on the Larry character, but, in the end, he might be worthy of some compassion—so might Jon and Kate Gosselin.

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I know nothing of Larry Bloom, but whatever's motivating Jon, it's not love for Kate. Kate Gosselin is a nightmare on wheels and he was visibly miserable with her. You couldn't have chiseled the smile off his face during the first few months of their separation.

Better explanation: he got creamed in the divorce (he has a Y chromosome, afterall) and he's p***ed.
1 year ago
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Who cares??
1 year ago
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