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Are These the Dumbest Protesters Ever Caught on Tape?


Back in January, when I wrote about Canada's Sun News Network, its future was uncertain.

The TV station airs way up (or is it down?) on the "dial," with other specialty cable channels you have to pay for as part of pricey "theme" packages.

This placement keeps millions of Canadians from seeing the only real competition ever mounted against the state broadcaster (the CBC) and the other de facto liberal news networks (Canadian and American), which are all available free.

As I wrote at the time, non-subscribers were missing a lot, as are Americans who can't pull in Sun News, either.

Frankly, the Canadian liberal mean-girl nickname "Fox News North" is only an insult to Sun in the sense that it puts out far superior programming than Fox, while spending what amounts to the coins in Roger Ailes' couch cushions.