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The Case Against Public Sector Unions in 5 Minutes

Government is supposed to serve the public, not public employees – but that is not the case in America today. With strength in numbers – over 20 million people work for federal, state, and local government – and significant campaign support to the elected officials who negotiate their contracts, public unions have created “rights” that have busted state and municipal budgets and prevented the efficient management of government. From Long Island to Wisconsin to California, the examples of public union abuse – dubious disability claims, spiked pensions, ridiculous work rules – are numerous. It’s past time for these excesses – including the automatic deduction of union dues – to be reined in so that those charged with providing the public good can make the needed choices to do so.

Additional reading: see this abridged version of a November 2011 Wall Street Journal op-ed titled "The Public-Union Albatross" on Common Good's website here.


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