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5 Reasons Why Trim Healthy Mama Could Be the Last Diet Book You Ever Buy


Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, authors of Trim Healthy Mama aren't PhDs or talk show hosts. They are two sisters on a mission to nourish their own families-- and now yours. In the process, they just may have written the Bible for a Kosher-Christian diet.

Currently ranking #4 on Amazon, Trim Healthy Mama is a 600-plus-page treasure trove for anyone wanting to get off the dieting-trend mill, and gain their health back at the same time. In their chit-chatty style, the authors write as though you are sitting at their kitchen table together as they walk you through dieting fads, and explain how to eat healthy and heartily while losing weight.

Serene and Pearl write:

We do not claim to know it all, and still have much to learn ourselves, but hopefully you'll soon discover that much of our culture's current, dietary beliefs are actually in direct contradiction to the Bible.

These current nutrition beliefs block progress to stable weight because they hold people captive to defeat. It's impossible to find an ease in life while trying to do as most modern food advisors tell us. If you think that having to constantly worry about counting calories, or stripping the fat and a large quota of animal foods like butter and red meat from most of your meals, is simply too hard to do-- that's because it is. This sort of advice is bondage, and with God's help, you can shed the weight of it from your life.

Welcome to a new world, where the principles behind the words, Satisfying and Energizing can change your life.

A lot of diets promise the world. Here's why this one delivers.