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Why Whittaker Chambers Will No Longer Be Quoted, Celebrated, or Discussed at PJ Lifestyle

I present an email exchange (in full, unedited) that I had Friday afternoon from an email received via the PJ Media contact form, reprinted with permission from the sender. Consider this a warning to all who would seek to study the work of Whittaker Chambers and urge others to buy copies of his stunning, historically important memoir Witness using blogs and New Media. PJ Lifestyle will no longer discuss or quote from Whittaker Chambers, out of sincere respect for the author's descendants' wishes. Plenty of other books I'm eager to read explore similar ideas about history, courage, ideology and extraordinary lives that I'm currently researching for my own books and ebooks.

So I will cease my study of Chambers -- I've read enough to get the idea... And I will now give other figures in the history of the conservative movement the attention they deserve. I'm also burnt out on Ayn Rand, the author I was reading juxtaposed with her nemesis Chambers on Thursdays. I'm 116 pages in and was expecting by now to be so hooked that  I would've ignored all other books in favor of following Dagny Taggart and John Galt. It's a fun book and I agree with most of its general points (minus the atheism) and individualist spirit but I guess my fanatical radical capitalist train already left the station. I already delight in shocking my Democrat friends and family by proclaiming we have no need of Social Security and the goal of my generation over the course of the next 20 years should be to dissassemble about 85-95% of the New Deal and its demonic government grandchildren, the Great Society and Obamacare...  Perhaps it's time to move on to reading Marvin Liebman's Coming Out Conservative: An Autobiography and William F. Buckley Jr.'s novel Getting It Right for my Thursday study of Conservative Movement history.

PJ Lifestyle is also still very interested in studying and promoting the stories of ex-leftists, ex-Marxists, ex-Communists, ex-"Liberals", ex-Muslims, ex-Secularists, ex-Democrats, as well as any other individual who has escaped a cult or poisonous political, religious, or cultural ideology. Please contact me at DaveSwindlePJM [@] gmail [.] com to share your story and your book recommendations. I'm currently accepting additional suggestions to add to my 7 piles in my Radical Reading Regimen. And if you are a publisher and would like excerpts from your book featured at PJ Lifestyle (or reviews of your book by our authors) then please contact me. I am a lifelong book enthusiast raised by a librarian mother and seek only to encourage all humans to read widely and deeply every day of their lives of the books that can improve and transform both them and their country...

From: [email protected]

Subject: [PJM EDITORIAL] Please contact me

Date: June 7, 2013 1:49:58 PM PDT

To: [email protected]

FROM: David Chambers

EMAIL: [email protected]

WEBSITE: http://www.whittakerchambers.org/


Dear PJ Media,

Please contact me regarding continued quotes from Whittaker Chambers by "PJ Lifestyle."

David Chambers


[email protected]

He was either wanting to discourage my promotions of Witness or offer some kind of assistance or collaboration. I responded already knowing that my attempt at celebrating a heroic figure's memory had likely already been misinterpreted: 

-------- Original Message ---------

Subject: Re: [PJM EDITORIAL] Please contact me

From: "Dave Swindle"

Date: 6/7/13 5:01 pm

To: [email protected]

Hello David,

I hope my use of quotes from Witness has not caused any offense. Is something wrong?


David Swindle Associate Editor

Follow me on Twitter:http://twitter.com/DaveSwindle

David Chambers responded quickly...